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Get Your Scooter at…Best Buy?

Here at Response Marketing, we produce a lot of in-store displays and other point-of-sale materials that end up in Best Buy. We’re extremely familiar with the typical Best Buy store layout and always intrigued by the way their store is set up to enhance the shopping experience and encourage the touch/try experience for customers. From Studio D, a retail concept designed to appeal to women 30-45 to their Escape concept store that is designed to be a gadget-lovers hangout paradise, Best Buy continues to try and find ways to stay ahead of their competitors.

They definitely understand that as consumer behavior changes, they must adapt their space and environment keep meeting consumer’s demands. Circuit City didn’t try and evolve the way Best Buy is and we all know what happened to them. Now, Best Buy is experimenting with selling green vehicles such as Segways, electric scooters and electric bikes. The experiment is taking place in stores in California, Oregon and Washington. The experimentation has worked for them in the past as their foray into selling musical instruments was a success. Most Best Buy stores have a ton of square footage, so as the product offerings shift as technology changes everything, its cool to see a retail giant come up with creative ways to use space in new ways. It’s also refreshing to hear their CEO admit he’s not sure how it is going to do, but they are giving it a shot and trying something new. While Best Buy may not catch on as the place to buy electric transportation, it’s good to see them thinking differently. You can read more about it in this article from the Wall Street Journal.