FMC: Facebook Marketing Conference Recap

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The American Museum of Natural History in New York City was filled yesterday for the Facebook Marketing Conference.  Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, along with other executives of Facebook presented the newest marketing and advertising tools for companies on Facebook.  Here are the two biggest highlights of the conference:

“Facebook Pages” and “Premium on Facebook.”

Facebook Pages

  • The new “Pages” format is like mission control for your business.
  • It is more personalized and interactive for fans.
  • The “Reach Generator”, a paid for feature, makes sure fans see a company’s story.
  • These changes are designed to increase overall engagement of fans on “Pages”.

Premium on Facebook” (paid solution)

  • It is the most impactful way to distribute content on Facebook.
  • “Premium on Facebook” allows advertisers to tell “stories” to fans rather than “advertising” to them.
  • These stories will end up displaying on a user’s News Feed, right-hand side of the home page, company specific mobile applications, and even on Facebook’s log out screen.
  • The amount of reach and engagement from fans leads to increased sales and ROI

The most appealing factor of these two new features is that they allow companies to show ads in the form of “stories” that act like regular content.  At the FMC, Sandberg said, “technology brings us together.”  We can’t argue with that.
Bradley Parcella is an Account Executive at Response Marketing