Social Media News: LinkedIn introduces new SlideShare products for mobile & Twitter adds new way to promote mobile apps

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LinkedIn introduces new SlideShare products for mobile

LinkedIn introduced three new SlideShare products for an easier mobile experience. First, LinkedIn developed a preview of what your presentation on SlideShare will look like on any mobile device. This allows the content creator to make sure your work is mobile-friendly.  , LinkedIn has redesigned the mobile web experience, adding swipe functionality between slides within a presentation, similar to the mobile app, and updated sharing capabilities to include SMS text and WhatsApp. Third, LinkedIn developed a new SlideShare Android app, allowing you to see relevant and personalized content that is easy to view and read on your mobile device. Source


Twitter adds new way to promote mobile apps

Twitter and MoPub Marketplace have united to promote mobile apps on and off Twitter. Twitter has developed a full promotion suite of targeting, creative, and measurement tools that allow advertisers to promote their mobile apps effectively. They are currently being tested in private beta, but some app promotions are already on Twitter. This will allow marketers to have rich native ads that combine the best of Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets. Users will be able to easily install and engage with apps directly from their Twitter timeline. Also, Twitter has updated their publisher network. Now advertisers can set up campaigns directly on to run across the entire publisher network, comprised of thousands of apps and over 1 billion monthly devices. Ad Campaigns that run across the publisher network are automatically translated into programmatic bids on MoPub exchange.  Combining targeting and measurement features in the mobile app promotion suite, advertisers will have the ability to easily run on-Twitter app promotions with promoted tweets, while also running off-Twitter advertising with MoPub Marketplace.  Source

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