Inspiring Accessories

Inspiring Accessories

Scope of Work

We work with Logitech to develop master creative concepts that show that the reason people love their products so much is because they help people enjoy more, do more, and achieve more. With a focus on the emerging Latin America market, our work has helped shoppers connect with the best Logitech products for them in retail and digital.




  • Concept Ideation
  • Design
  • Strategy
Audio ad campaign concept

Next Level Audio

This concept showed that whether you’re a gamer, music lover, or movie buff, Logitech has a next-level speaker solution suited for your specific needs.

Logitech color collection ad concept

Your Color Crush

Every mouse in Logitech’s colorful line of travel-size mice has plenty of personality. This concept helped consumers find the mouse that matches their personality.

Latin america in-store signage design

Don't Let Wires Hold You Back

This concept communicated that Logitech’s wireless keyboards and mice unburden you from wires and allow you the freedom to keep up with an increasingly wireless world. The exploding colors reinforce the free and unburdening nature of the wireless products.

Bluetooth music player ad Wireless mouse and keyboard ad

Hand in Hand

A phone and a Bluetooth speaker. A laptop and a wireless mouse. With this concept, we focused on the perfect technology pairings that Logitech creates. Split-screen design was used to connect these paired products.