Crafting scissors and glue gun

The Art of the Craft

Westcott’s innovative crafting products are superior to others in space. They needed a partner that could show DIYers and the craft community all the possibilities unlocked by their products.

Scope of Work

We rallied makers and "Creativators" with integrated campaigns that included digital, social, tv, radio, and PR. The campaigns highlighted novel use cases for their new innovative line of hot glue guns and pens, as well as their top-of-the-line scissors. This helped creators see that these lines of products are made specifically to meet their needs.




  • Concept Ideation
  • Website Design + Development
  • Social Media
  • Video/Motion
  • Media Strategy
  • Promotions

Crafted Website Design

To give the website a “handcrafted” look and feel, we utilized stop-motion design elements and animated crafts coming together.

Creativators Product Launch Website Creativators Product Launch Website Creativators Product Launch Website Petal Decoration Leaf Decoration

Inspiring Social

Social posts highlighted intricate crafts that could now be created with each new tool. From Father’s Day to the holidays, Wescott inspired “creativators” to push their creativity even further.

Wreath Craft Project Instagram PostCrafting Card Instagram PostGraduation Present Instagram PostPhone Case Project Instagram PostCrafting Flowers Instagram PostCrafting Project Instagram PostBirthday Crafting Instagram PostDIY Crafts Instagram PostWestcott Glue Pen Instagram Post
Westcott Instagram Post

Scissors Beat All

To communicate that Westcott has a scissor for any situation, this campaign — a play on the popular game “rock, paper, scissors” — showed all the crafts “beat” by their scissors.

Cut to the Features

This animated product video was created to showcase the features of Westcott’s Titanium Bonded Scissors, while also demonstrating the product's place within their entire line of America’s favorite scissors.

Bag or Workstation?

Created for Westcott’s Craft Storage Bag, this stop-motion video highlights its features and versatility — it can hold all your supplies and double as a workstation.