Respectful Reddit Marketing

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Download Respectful Reddit Marketing [PDF]

We’re excited to announce the release of Respectful Reddit Marketing, a 39-page report that explores how brand marketing efforts that demonstrate respect and community awareness lead to positive reddit community responses and discussions.

The report features six reddit marketing case studies on brands such as

  • New Belgium Brewing, and their campaign that complimented and harnessed the intelligence of redditors;
  • Haworth Chairs, and their Q&A discussion┬áthat thoroughly communicated their products’ high quality;
  • Nissan, and their exemplary community management practices;
  • Newcastle, and their campaign that effectively harnessed the wackiness of redditors;
  • and more.

The report also includes an interview with Jena Donlin that discusses

  • basic ground rules for marketing on reddit,
  • the future of reddit advertising,
  • popular misbeliefs about reddit,
  • and more.

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Download Respectful Reddit Marketing [PDF]

*Disclaimer: The contents of Respectful Reddit Marketing do not necessarily reflect the views of reddit. Aside from the introductory interview with Jena Donlin, no reddit employees assisted in the creation of this document.