Reflections of one HOT summer


As residents of Connecticut, it seems like only yesterday we were wondering when the snow was going to stop. Yet here we are, staring September in the face, dreading the inevitable switch from t-shirts, tank tops, and flip-flops, to those oh-so flattering sweaters and heavy coats.

But before we officially say goodbye to summer, sun-kissed skin, popsicles, and daylight until 8 pm, we’d like to take a moment to share with you what has made this summer such a great one for Response.

To get you in the mood, here’s a quick little video entitled, “Summer, An Island,” written, directed, and produced by our uber-talented motion designer, Manuel Martin.

  • For all you creative types, get a behind the scenes look at this piece of work on Behance.


We’re proud to announce that we have added several fantastic new brands to our already amazing client family.


Welcome to the rising leader in healthcare insights! We’re proud to be working with Viewics to help establish and grow their brand. As a relatively new company, Viewics is already earning a reputation for analytics excellence. Now, it’s our turn to help propel this brand to new heights.

Hope Company

We’re always motivated to win new clients, but there just seemed to be a little extra motivation when it came to Hope’s. Could be because our kitchen is stocked with their cleaning supplies. Whatever the reason, we’re thrilled to have Hope’s as a part of the team.


Do you know what it takes to make a television station run smooth? Neither did we, until we met our new friends at Myers. A leader in broadcast workflow (and a lot of other things it would take too long to explain), Myers presented us with not only a challenge, but also the opportunity to reshape a brand that is just teeming with success. With the launch of their new website, we’re confident teeming may soon be an understatement.

Guess Watches/Sequel International 

Yes, that Guess. Not bad, right? We’ll be working with the global icon to bolster their web offerings through our digital and development team. We have no doubt all materials will be delivered “on time.” (Sorry, copywriter demanded at least one pun per newsletter.)

Amazon Web Services

Speaking of global icons, Response has had the pleasure of working with Amazon Web Services Partner Network for several months now, with our first campaign debuting in June. Our work is rapidly expanding to include digital ads, landing pages, YouTube videos, Infographics, Syndicated Content, testimonial videos, and so much more.

Sony PlayStation

While we’re on the subject of global icons… We had the privilege of helping create a 360-degree retail experience for the Destination PlayStation Latin America summit in Cabo San Lucas, MX. Not only did we help to develop a new category management system and in-store marketing displays for hot new games, we also helped design the entire room in which they were displayed. Gamers, designers, interior decorators, we’re not lying when we say we can do it all.

As always, our door is always open, our phones are always on, and we’re always ready to speak should you have any questions about your brand, a project, or just anything you think we can help make better. Don’t be a stranger, we’d love to hear you.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. At least the leaves are about to get pretty.