Think Small

Advertising history was made in 1959 when Volkswagen asked car buyers to “Think Small” when considering their next purchase. Today, we make the same claim for those who may be considering switching agencies or jobs. In all client pitches, we present our size as a benefit to those who may be considering our services. Understanding fully that we’re not exactly unbiased in this opinion, here are just a few reasons we consider it an advantage to work with a small agency.

For Clients – Advantages of a Small Marketing Agency

  • It’s Personal
    Small marketing agencies are the mom and pop operations of the advertising world. Handshakes and first names are still important to us. Because most of us work on all brands on the roster, we become intimately familiar with the brand and the brand team. In fact, we consider ourselves to be an extension of the brand team. At some point, you will speak to all members of the team working on your brand. This type of familiarity breeds not contempt, but success.
  • Attention Getters
    Do you know why colleges tout small class sizes? It’s because individual attention is one of the greatest ways to ensure a positive outcome. With a small marketing agency, clients receive the attention they expect when they partner with an agency. Calls and emails are answered and returned. Work orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. There is no getting lost in the shuffle for the simple fact that each client is vital. If you have a question or concern, it is addressed immediately with the right people, not a middleman. Why this concern for attention? Because…
  • We Can’t Afford to Lose You
    I don’t think it’s any surprise to find that there’s a business element to keeping clients happy. If we aren’t able to keep the doors open, we cannot do what we love best. Whereas a large agency may be able to absorb the blow of losing a client or two, we cannot. That’s why we commit ourselves to providing an agency experience where all of our clients feel like our only client. Every client is important, and we strive to make that abundantly clear in every solution we offer.
  • The A-Team
    You know those people you met on your initial visit, the ones who sat with you and tossed around ideas for your brand? Yeah, that’s your team. Lest you think we’re kidding, check out our office sometime. It’s a terrible place to play hide and seek. Who you see is who you get. There’s no switcheroo or B-team hiding in the basement. If Carolyn says she’s going to oversee your account, she’ll be overseeing your account. If Matt is your designer, he’ll be there every time you need something.
  • Building the A-Team
    When each member of the staff represents 1/15th of your staff, you better get it right. Our hiring process is focused on bringing on the best people because we have nowhere to hide those who can’t pull their weight. Case in point, we’ve gone so far as to bring in team members from as far away as Venezuela for the simple fact that they were the best candidate for the job. It is a necessity that all team members be great ambassadors for Response because at some point, they will be placed in front of you. That’s just how it goes when you’re a small agency.

For Job Seekers – Benefits of Working at a Small Marketing Agency

  • Become One of the Heard
    Hey there, kids. My name is Cosmo, I am the Senior Copywriter at Response and author of this blog. More than that, I get to present concepts, influence both copy and design, and help inform strategy. This is all due to the fact that the small marketing agency demands participation. From our most senior executive down to the our most junior team member, everyone has the chance to speak up and present ideas or opinions. We do not have the time, space, or resources to carry those who just want to fade into the background.
  • Explore the World
    Of marketing, that is. If you’ve ever wanted to gain exposure to the entire world of marketing, a small agency is the place to start. My day to day is filled working with agency partners, account managers, my creative director, our SEO specialist, digital team, and our lovely designers. I get to see how a campaign comes together, the challenges our AEs face, how new business is won, etc. This not only helps me to become a better copywriter, it helps me to become a better marketing professional. In a more rigid environment, I would simply be the guy people go to for headlines.
  • CEOs of 1
    When we talk about building the A-team, the most important part of that equation is the part where each employee aspires to become an A player. Small marketing agencies are in the unique position of allowing autonomy for each and every employee. It’s just not possible to hold someone’s hand, which gives each employee a far greater level of authority and responsibility than they may find in larger environments. We don’t consider job titles when considering ideas. If it’s great, we do it. If it’s not, we try something else. If you’ve ever wanted to have influence over your work, this is your best chance.

In a world where big ideas and big thinking leads to huge results, don’t be surprised if you find exactly what you’re looking for in something small.