What does it take to get hired at Response?

Other than the required skills that fit the role we’re trying to fill, there are other factors we consider when deciding to interview someone or offer them a position. Here are some of the things that stand out to us during our search to add a team member:

Do your research

Let us know that you’ve been on our website or have checked out our social accounts. Reference a piece of work in our portfolio, comment on the tone of the copy, ask about a particular client or something in somebody’s bio. We’re not fishing for compliments, but rather want to see that you are interested enough to spend some time doing research.

Read the full job posting and follow the directions

For our creative positions we ask for applicants to submit a link to their portfolio. It’s in bold. It’s surprising how many resumes we get that don’t include it. Some from very talented designers who have great portfolios. And when including links in your pdf resume, make the links clickable.

Think about how you will present your work and your experience

If we’re looking for design position that is heavy in digital it’s best to lead with your digital work and not your print work. Tailor your resume, note, or portfolio to match the elements that we’ve called out in the job listing. If there is something that you haven’t had experience with, be prepared to answer how you’d rise to the challenge if it was thrown at you. We’re often looking for the potential within a person.

Include a note

We don’t require a cover letter, and if someone doesn’t include a note with their submission it isn’t a deal breaker, but a little note usually goes a long way. Conversational over formal will typically get our attention more. It gives us a little glimpse into your personality.

Show your thinking

Sometimes, the thing that makes all the difference for us is the process that led to the finished product. It might be a rough sketch of the initial idea or the story you tell us about an experience you had.

Send a follow-up note

This actually goes a long way. It’s not about the formality but rather about the consideration behind it. Sometimes a two sentence email can swing a decision.

Adding someone to our team is always a big decision for us. The right fit is about more than experience or a portfolio, but how someone will affect our culture and bring their unique self into the mix.