Experience Never Gets Old. Reflections of an intern.

Alex Provost, a senior at Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge, CT spent 4 weeks with the tribe at Response Marketing.  We embraced him with open arms and surprised him by letting him get his “hands dirty” on a real assignment.  Alex has a quiet politeness about him that doesn’t seem typical of someone his age.  We appreciated everything Alex worked on and wish him the best at Central Connecticut State University in the Fall.  In the meantime, we thought we’d share his reflections on the time he spent with us.  Here’s what Alex had to say:

Let me start by saying that the past four weeks of my senior year have been extremely valuable, educational, and enjoyable for me. I remember walking through the door on my first day at Response with welcoming smiles from everyone I shook hands with. As I settled in, my mentor was prompt with making sure that I was set up with a company email along with a Google drive where all of my work would be stored. As I thought, “maybe I will just be shadowing the work that is done at this marketing agency,” I was taken by surprise! Right away, I was introduced to a large project about the pet industry in which I became involved in along with another intern. Throughout my time at Response, I did research about the pet industry, trends in technology, trends in social media, and learned what a marketing agency does for their clients. I also presented all of my research and findings to my mentors. I felt very accomplished to know that my work was viewed at a professional level and useful for my mentors as they continue to develop a marketing idea! 

While only having the title of an intern at Response, they always made it a priority to have me involved in several meetings. At 9:30 every Monday and Wednesday morning, I was included in what was called the “stand up” meeting where everyone at the agency came together as one large group. In this meeting, each person would discuss the tasks that they were working on for the day along with when they would like to have these tasks done for their clients. I found these meetings very interesting because I was able to hear all of the different projects that were being worked on within the marketing agency. Also, I was included in important meetings where my co workers discussed marketing plans along with many strategies that they have been working on for a particular client. I was blown away and beyond impressed to see some of the ideas and creative work that the employees at Response could do!

Being a senior in high school along with having the desire to major in marketing, I was honored to have the opportunity to put myself in the shoes of someone who works for a marketing agency. It has allowed for me to see the different types of work that are done within the marketing field. It also gave me the chance to develop connections with my co workers. As my internship comes to an end, I can confidently say that now I know what it will take to become a professional in the marketing career field! Thank you for this outstanding and valuable experience Response Agency!

Alex Provost Response Intern
Alex Provost, Response Intern, from Amity Regional High School presenting his experience with Response to his Amity advisors and classmates