Our CEO Carolyn Walker Is Speaking at the Podcast Business Summit

On March 5, 2019, our CEO Carolyn Walker will be a featured panelist at the Podcast Business Summit in New York City. The Summit explores the latest developments in the podcasting space and what is on the horizon in 2019 and features additional speakers from Google, The New York Times, NPR, Midroll Media, and many more.

The panel Carolyn is part of, “Podcast Marketing For Every Buyer”, is described as follows:

“Live host-read sponsorship messages are the traditional podcast advertising format. But an array of advertising solutions, formats, pricing models, and technology have developed to serve different marketing needs and expand the range of buyers. In 2017, host-read ads represented 70% of revenue, leaving room for pre-recorded ads. 42% of podcast revenue came from sponsor messages automatically injected into current and past shows. Programmatic audio is entering the podcast realm. Branded podcasting grew from 1.5% to 6.5% in a year. This panel explores and untangles how podcasting serves marketers of all types.”

With the continued success of Hackable? – A Podcast by Mcafee and our other clients who are advertising in and producing podcasts, Carolyn has become one of the most knowledgable marketing professionals in the branded podcast space. We here at Response are big believers in the power of branded podcasts and are excited to be part of continuing to move the dialogue forward on what makes a branded podcast successful.

In addition to Carolyn, one of our favorite partners Steve Pratt of Pacific Content will also be featured at the conference. So if you happen to be at the conference say “hi” to Carolyn and Steve.