2020 Pets of Response Virtual Holiday Party

After spending most of 2020 watching their humans talk to each other on Zoom, the pets of Response have decided to host a virtual holiday party of their own to see what all the fuss is about.

To watch and listen:

Or read the interactions with some bonus behind the scenes content:

CALVIN: Welcome to the first annual Pets of Response Holiday Party! 2020’s been a ruff one, so I’m glad we’re all able to get together.
CODY: It’s great to see everyone!
FINN: Howl y’all doing??
BOODLE: Happy Holidays! 
ERNIE: Riley, you’re on mute. 
BOODLE: Still on mute… 
TOBY: Woof.
RILEY: Can you hear me now?

…Vacuum starts in the background…

DAKOTA: Chris!!! Chris!! Sorry, I’ve gotta go deal with this.  

…Awkward Silence…

CALVIN: Anyone had any good treats lately? David’s been kind of stingy. 
DAISY: Steve too!
RILEY: Brainstorm later for ways to boost treat engagement?
FINN: I can’t join but I’m all ears for anything you come up with.  
TOBY: You’re barking up the wrong tree. We can’t rely on humans for higher treat engagement. That audience just doesn’t understand. You see the food they eat? It’s amaaaaa-zing. The messaging just won’t resonate. 
DAISY: Who died and made you pack leader? 
TOBY: *growls*

…Awkward Silence…

BLUE: So, did anyone see Schitt’s Creek?? 
ERNIE: We’ve talked about this like 6 times already. Don’t you listen in on the humans?? 
BLUE: Jeez, sorrrrryyyyy.
BOODLE: Or did you forget already? What are you, a goldfish?
BLUE: Not cool. Not cool at all.    

…Dakota comes back…

DAKOTA: Sorry guys, you know how humans get with those godforsaken vacuums. It’s like… you chew up a couple of shoes, ransack the pantry, and next thing you know, they’re terrorizing the whole house with that cacophony.
CODY: Preach!
DAKOTA: I hate to just unload and start venting….
CALVIN: It’s okay. We’re all fur friends here.   
BLUE: ….. some of us have scales…..

…Cody glances up and suddenly darts off…

CALVIN: Did we lose Cody? 
ERNIE: The FedEx truck must’ve driven by again..
TOBY: Woof 
CALVIN: C’mon guys, throw me a bone here. Can’t we just have a nice Zoom conversation for like 5 minutes?? I have an important announcement to make.
RILEY: Do tell!!
DAISY: What is it?! 
FINN: Don’t make us beg!
CALVIN: This holiday season, we’re making a donation to a relief fund for local restaurant and hospitality workers.
BLUE: That’s great! 
BOODLE: Fantastic!
CALVIN: And that’s not all.  We care about our community and have a close relationship with Career High School in New Haven, so we’re contributing to their fundraiser for CT Food Bank as part of the DECA program, we’re helping them raise funds for their DECA club through this shopping portal where Career receives 40% of the proceeds, and we’re donating grocery gift cards for student’s families that are in need and hungry this holiday.  
DAKOTA: I’m glad we can spread some joy.
DAISY: It’s been nice having our humans home, but the world needs cheer more than ever.  
CALVIN: On behalf of the humans of Response, thank you all for being a part of our family. Have a joyous holiday season and we look forward to working together in 2021!