Join us in saying “hi” to our new clients:

We are equal parts delighted and honored to be working with MacDermid Enthone Industrial SolutionsIllumynt, and Industrial Arts Brewing Company.

  • MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions is the leading brand in the surface finishing industry.
  • Illumynt (formerly CNE Direct) is a global technology lifecycle solutions provider, focused on the secure and sustainable reuse of technology equipment.
  • Industrial Arts Brewing Company makes fresh, expressive craft beers and non-alcoholic brews for that are renowned (including World Beer Cup awards).

All three of these diverse businesses came to us with their brand challenges and trusted us to help solve them.

work spotlight


Speaking of new clients, we just launched a new website for Illumynt.  They made the decision to overhaul their brand, which included a renaming from CNE Direct to Illumynt.  The new name aligns with their updated directive to light the path forward for their customers who need intelligent, data-driven technology lifecycle solutions to maximize sustainability, security and value.

Illumynt’s decision to partner with us was in large part due to our branding expertise.  They wanted to be sure the new site truly reflected their new brand and “sage” persona.  They challenged us to create a site unlike any others in their space, and we delivered. We are incredibly proud of how it turned out.

The client is pretty happy too, stating “Armed with only a new logo and strategy guide, Response brought the brand to life in a creative way that exemplified the passion and focus that we wanted our brand to represent.”

When you check it out pay attention to the super cool user interactions.

meet ross morrison


If Ross isn’t writing, he’s reading. And if he’s not reading, he’s trying (often in vain) to train his two young, spirited cats, Little Vivienne Westwood and Diane Von FURstenberg. If he has any more spare time, he spends it throwing bbq’s, camping (he’s in it for the gadgets), and writing and performing all manner of comedy.

As (Lead Writer? Head Writer? Writer? Copywriter?) at Response, Ross takes complex concepts and simplifies them so that they’re palatable to any audience. From naming, to taglines, to video scripts, to concepting full-scale ad campaigns, he does it all and with a certain panache that makes readers think and smile.

Previous to Response, Ross led and wrote for large scale campaigns for a good percentage of the Fortune 500 at agencies such as R/GA, HUGE Inc., and Vaynermedia. He’s led or concepted three projects that have won Cannes Lion awards (so far).

We are super stoked to have Ross on our team working on all of our clients businesses!