-321 Margarita Tableside Mixologist

A Dash of Magic

When Uncle Julio's created one of the coolest drinks in the world, we had to capture the fun and memorable moments that can only happen when a -321° Margarita is crafted right at your table.

Scope of Work

From naming the drink (after the temperature that liquid nitrogen freezes) to its visual identity, we set out to create the brand around the drink that was exclusive to Uncle Julio's. We launched the campaign with a TV spot, influencer campaigns, social advertising, and microsite, all designed to make people feel like they needed to be part of experiencing and sharing a -321° Margarita.


Uncle Julio's


  • TV Production
  • Social Influencer Campaign
  • Website Design + Development
-321 Margarita Microsite

The Journey

The supporting microsite took visitors on the same journey someone takes when they order the margarita inside an Uncle Julio’s. From the preparation to the presentation to the puff of liquid-nitrogen — the magic of the margarita lies in each step of the experience.

-321 Margarita Logo Design

When designing the logo, we first had to ensure that we were applying consistent branding across each of Uncle Julio’s innovative new product lines. Once we set up brand guardrails, it was all about using a mixture of bold lines and fun cursive to communicate that this is the world’s coolest margarita.

Margarita Social Media PostMargarita Instagram Post


Because of the magical “puff”, the 3,2,1 margarita is a highly shareable experience. We encouraged diners to #PostYourPuff and share images and videos of the delight when they grab their drink, eat the frozen meringue, and blow out smoke.

Guest Enjoying A Margarita, Margarita Product Photography, Restaurant Guest Experiencing MargaritaGuest Enjoying A Margarita, Margarita Product Photography, Restaurant Guest Experiencing Margarita

The :30 Spot

What’s the secret behind the world’s coolest margarita? The TV spot highlighted the uniqueness of the frozen ingredients and the shared experience of the magical moment smoke billows from a smile.