Door hardware room rendering

Creating A New Entrance

You can find their products in The White House,high-end hotels and properties around the world, and in celebrities’ homes. They’ve earned tremendous respect in their industry and needed a site that was worthy of their reputation.

Scope of Work

Used by potential customers, distributors, showrooms, and even the sales team, the Accurate Lock & Hardware website needed to show the beauty and craftsmanship of the products, but also serve as an easy to use tool to get people product solutions as frictionless as possible.


Accurate Locks and Hardware


  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Seamless Search

Search is not always easy to get right, but our database of content was able to be tagged, organized, and relational in order to bring up accurate and relevant search results - even if people weren’t using exact search terms.

Intuitive Product Finder

Using insights from interviews with internal stakeholders and customers, we created the product finder experience to focus on small, fast decisions to get people to a solution quickly.

Product Pages

Robust product pages house all the resources and relevant information connected to products and even surface related products that people may be interested in. Every product, resource, and finish option can be saved to a collection for easy access and sharing.

On Demand Resources

One pain point we discovered in our process was that people got frustrated when they had to dig for resource information. So we created a robust and searchable resources section that makes it easy to find important documentation such as spec sheets, installation instructions, videos, and support.

Helpful Collection

We created Collection functionality to give people an easy way to share products, resources and options. Designers, architects, salespeople, and showrooms can put together collections for customers and share a link for easy reference.