Bank with a New Perspective

Bank with a New Perspective

Many people are apathetic when it comes to their bank. High fees, sub-par rates, and scandals have become the norm in the world of personal fianance. Thankfully, Sikorsky Credit Union isn’t a bank.

Scope of Work

Sikorsky Credit Union approached Response to develop a comprehensive campaign that properly communicated the SCU story to both their current and prospective members. We developed the look, feel, and messaging for their “Perspectives Matters” campaign, which explored how SCU views every situation as an opportunity to save money for their members. The campaign came to life across TV, radio, direct mail, digital, social, and in-branch collateral. Response and SCU team worked closely as a team throughout the campaign for ongoing strategy, campaign optimizations, and results monitoring.


Sikorsky Credit Union


  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Strategy Print + Digital Design
  • Social Media
  • Video/Motion
  • Copywriting
  • Radio
  • 23%

    increase in new users to the website

  • 8%

    increase above goals for new checking accounts opened

  • 7.2%

    increase above goals for new mortgage applications


It all started with perfecting the Master Creative images which set the tone for the entire campaign. Based on this design, we demonstrated how this concept can translate to aspirational brand promises and more functional rate-based messaging.

Rolling out
the Creative

From home & auto loans to free checking and saving for retirement, our visuals and messaging remained consistent to create a recognizable and memorable campaign.

Spreading the word

We used TV and video as a way to develop an emotional connection to the brand. Strong visuals, empathetic and friendly voiceovers, and uplifting music combined were used to communicate Sikorsky Credit Union's deep belief in ensuring that their members are banking somewhere with their best financial interest at heart.

"It's time to bank with a new perspective."

We utilized broadcast radio to connect with our target demographic who's listening habits overindexed compared to other mediums.