An Unstoppable Edge - Carrier employee in factory.

An Unstoppable Edge

Having recently spun off from United Technologies and looking forward to the future, Carrier set its sights on an organizational shift toward service. We helped the world leader transform its culture and customer experience by developing, branding, and launching BluEdge — a disruptive new service offering for all of their distinct business units.

Scope of Work

From defining and naming both the brand and its service tiers to creating logos, guidelines, and launch assets, it was our job to build and introduce BluEdge’s complete brand identity. And, just as importantly, create a serious buzz that would excite both internal stakeholders and external customers.




  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Naming Conventions
  • Logo Design & Animation
  • Brand Guidelines and Collateral
  • Brand Video
  • Social Content
  • Launch Plan and Marketing Support

First, we had to name it.

Agency-wide ideating and refining identified three larger buckets under which most names fit: confidence, technology, and Carrier's heritage. We landed on BluEdge because it communicates the dedication of Carrier's service teams being on the front edge of service, their cutting-edge technology, and alludes to the blue in Carrier's globally-recognized logo.

A collection of out of focus logo ideas as a background.
Blue angle for page design. Working file of logo ideas.

Developing the Logo

Working under a tight deadline, we rapidly explored directions, created options, and refined the final logo.

Communicating the Tiered System

Central to the BluEdge service platform is a tiered service model that allows customers to select the level of service that best fits their needs. Each tier needed its own name and iconography to communicate its unique value. Brainstorming teams reformed and we ideated names once again, selecting those that resonated most.

Brand Guidelines

To present a consistent and compelling brand identity, we created brand guidelines for all BluEdge service platform communicators. These guidelines cover most scenarios and will help differentiate and define the BluEdge service platform as a leading global service brand.

A brand guide example showing logo spacing. A brand guide example showing how assets should appear with the Carrier and BluEdge logo. A brand guide example showing how the logo should look in different colors.
A background image of employees in a conference room with the BluEdge logo at the front.
Quotation marks above a quote by Ajay Agrawal.

We are just at the beginning of this new service journey with the launch of the BluEdge service platform, but see infinite possibilities for our service business to change the world for the better.

∼ Ajay Agrawal, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP Services at Carrier

A collection of BluEdge branded gear.
A behind the scenes look at the filming of BluEdge content. An in camera view of the filming of BluEdge content.

Launch Video

Just in time for launch, we assembled an awesome crew and created a breakthrough video to introduce BluEdge to the world. Its “Unstoppable” messaging communicates that Carrier's commitment to their products doesn't stop once they leave the factory floor.

An employee facing the camera. A Carrier employee examining a tablet by a HVAC system. A Carrier employee walking and talking with another person.
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