Chocolate Pinata Launch Campaign

Tap. Tap. Smash

A handmade chocolate ball filled with fresh fruit and homemade churros. Guests are given a mallet to smash open this one-of-a-kind dessert. The Chocolate Piñata launch was pretty much an agency's dream product to work on.

Scope of Work

To successfully launch the product our campaign needed to create cravability. We did this by capturing how this made-from-scratch dessert comes together and the explosive moment of impact that happens when the piñata is cracked open. The integrated campaign featured TV, social media, digital advertising, influencer marketing, a microsite, and a promotion that challenged guests to upload videos of themselves smashing their piñatas. The launch of the Chocolate Piñata helped increase guest counts and average check, making it a smashing success for Uncle Julio's.


Uncle Julio's


  • TV Production
  • Social Influencer Campaign
  • Website Design + Development

The Microsite

The chocolate piñata had to be seen to be believed. The microsite featured a video that highlighted the story of its creation, where it could be found, and the chef who came up with it.

Chocolate Pinata Microsite Design Chocolate Pinata Microsite Design Chocolate Pinata Microsite Design