A Lighting Masterpiece

A Lighting Masterpiece

Scope of Work

Electrix Illumination, a high-end commercial lighting company, launched their new MagneConnect product and wanted to reach lighting designers. We uncovered the insight that many lighting designers don't see a room as empty, but as a canvas that they get to paint with light. So we tapped into that and showed how the flexibility of the MagneConnect system enabled them to create their masterpiece.




  • Concept Ideation
  • Stategy
  • Video/Motion
  • Media Strategy

Introductory Video

To a lighting designer, an empty room is a blank canvas. We shot an introductory video that explains how the Magneconnect allows designers to light their canvas however they want with a proprietary slot and track system. Shot in Electrix’s showroom and factory, the video was designed to be used at tradeshow booths.