Water Damage Sucks

Water Damage Sucks

Scope of Work

Guardian, an innovative IoT solution that uses sensors to detect water leaks and a controller to shut off your main valve, came to us to help support the retail launch of their product. Our campaign hit at those emotional moments that happen when your place is damaged by water and the fallout that a disaster like that can cause. We showed consumers that they can't wait until water damage happens to think about how to prevent it.




  • Website Design + Development
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Concept Ideation


Using Guardian’s existing assets, we updated the website’s look and feel to best communicate how Guardian protects homes from water damage. The website makes it easy to understand how simple Guardian is to install, how it works, and why it’s important to take preventive steps to protect your home from water damage.

Guardian Website Guardian Website Guardian Website Redesign
Guardian Launch Campaign Concept Guardian Launch Campaign Concept Water Damage Sucks Concept


The campaign featured alarming messaging and imagery to stop people in their tracks — it used expletives that someone might use if they came home to find water damage in their house. The concept also strategically communicated the trickle effect that water damage can have for your entire life — it isn’t just your floors that suffer.

Guardian Branding

Brand Guidelines

We created brand guidelines to ensure that all future marketing collateral remains on-brand and matches the look and feel of their refreshed website.