An illustration of two people meeting through a screen on top of a background showing the Job Target logo.

The Right Fit

The expertise and technology behind JobTarget’s recruitment platform has connected hundreds of organizations with the right candidates for over twenty years. We helped them evolve their website to better reflect their proven track record and their dedication to making recruiting simple.

Scope of Work

After collaborating with stakeholders and immersing ourselves in the JobTarget brand, we solidified their positioning and messaging which involved themes of empathy, trustworthiness, reliability, and simplicity. Keeping these pillars in mind, we completely reimagined their web presence to better reflect the values of the company and the quality of products & services they provide. We introduced curved lines, subtle animations, and vector illustrations to humanize the brand and to give the visual identity a fresh, unique look.

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Job Target


  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design + Development
An early wireframe for Job Target’s site redesign that shows how we incorporated the oval shapes found in the logo.


During the wireframing process, we experimented with expanding the oval shapes found on the logo to see how it would balance with the site's content.

An example of the illustrations found throughout the new site.
Page wireframe for Job Target’s new website. The page is titled "We Help Simplify Recruiting."Page wireframe for Job Target’s new website. The page is titled "Integrations Made Easy."Page wireframe for Job Target’s new website. The page is titled "Solutions for Your Job Posting."Page wireframe for Job Target’s new website. The page is titled "Job Target Makes Your Job Easier."Page wireframe for Job Target’s new website. The page is titled "The Right Sites. More Intelligence. Better Candidates."

Out with the old, In with the new

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Because the practice of recruitment can be very technical, our main design goal was to humanize the technology and process behind the JobTarget platform. We created a variety of illustrated characters and elements to tell the story of the brand in a friendly, approachable, and memorable way. Subtle animations help bring these illustrations to life.

Characters and illustrations that we used to humanize the recruiting platform. Illustrations include a glob with a microscope zooming in on a geotagged location, a man using the platform, and the platform’s interface with pie charts.


The friendly illustrations, impressive showcase of client logos and stats, and fluid layout of digestable content all reinforce the elements of the overall brand strategy, conveying trustworthiness, innovative thinking, and most imporant - simplicity.

  • 100 million +

    Job Postings Delivered

  • 1 billion +

    Applications Delivered

  • 1,000 +

    Happy Customers

Custom iconography created for Job Target. Icons include a gear, hands shaking, and a clock with hands.


Simple icons compliment the key values and benefits throughout the site and add a touch of personality to an otherwise standard list of content.

Business workers illustrations.

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