Life Without Cords

Life Without Cords

Scope of Work

Having wireless peripherals, especially mice and keyboards offer the ultimate freedom in our digital world. The problem is, Logitech's LATAM audience has been slow to adopt wireless products. We learned from Nielsen Global Trust reseearch that 48% of LATAM consumers value real-life, relatable advertising. So we moved away from functional messaging to more emotional communication, encouraging consumers to feel the sense of freedom that comes with living life wirelessly.




  • Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Creative
Logitech Life Without Cords Master Creative

Master Creative

To make the campaign feel fresh and dynamic, we designed a master creative that was comprised of product shots, typography, and lifestyle imagrey isolated on brand colors. This was placed in a grid system to convey multiple themes all in one single image.

Logitech Life Without Cords Video


We brought the grid system to life through video where different panels transitioned onto the canvas.

Logitech Display Logitech Endcap Logitech Unit
No Noise. No Cords. 90% Noise Reduction

Extending the Master Creative

The master creative was adapted with other products and messaging. Here, we applied the design to a line of silent keyoards and mice with copy and lifestyle imagery that reinforced the benefits.

Life Without Cords Ad Mouse Life Without Cords Ad Life Without Cords Ad Keyboard


YoY increase in wireless sales in LATAM since launch of campaign