A top down shot showing a line of Luzern products on a white marble surface.

Clean Beauty Redefined

We all know there’s more to beauty than what’s on the surface. Especially when it comes to e-commerce. Luxury skincare brand Luzern originally came to us to help optimize their site's performance. What we delivered was a holistic solution that enhanced their overall digital experience.

Scope of Work

For almost 20 years, Luzern has been transforming the world of beauty with their line of organic skincare products. Originally sold through partners in the spa industry, they branched out to sell their blends to their loyal fanbase through their website. We audited their site, identified areas of improvement, and implemented solutions beyond the creative brief that radically improved user experience and product sales.

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  • Web
  • Photography
  • Advertising (Digital)


While our dev team built a new Shopify experience, our design team executed a new style of photography throughout the site that featured marble as a backdrop for their line of products. This provided a luxurious, high end feel while remaining true to their roots in nature - a perfect setting for their all natural and organic blends to shine.

Luzern's Force De Vie line of moisturizers sitting on a granite counter next to a white towel and green plant.
A decorative flourish made with drops.


A decorative flourish made with smears.
Luzern’s redesigned homepage that features beautiful photography and clean design to give a luxury look and feel for their high-end skin care lines. Luzern’s redesigned about page and product pages. About page displays core beliefs and an image of their founders, while the product page showcases a product shot and supporting product features.

A New Site

The improved site speed and fresh content gave users an easy way to explore the site and purchase their favorite products.

Migrating the site to a new e-commerce platform dramtically changed the user experience right from the start. We simplified the shopping experience, increased page speed, removed problematic plugins, and drastically reduced technical debt which allowed admins to focus on adding compelling content as opposed to wrestling code.

  • 42%

    Increase in page speed

  • 77%

    Decrease in page size

  • 68%

    Decrease in page timing

Luzern's new mini collection of best-selling skincare products in smaller, travel-size packaging. A blue box with the message '97% increase in Black Friday sales as compared to 2017' A gif of rotating web ads showcasing different products and testimonials. Image of cyber week savings with promo codes tiered for the amount spent. A decorative flourish made with smears.


We spotted an opportunity to help utilize our assets for a digital marketing initiative during cyber week. Our creative, which drive users to the new and improve site, helped increase Black Friday sales by 97% as compared to the previous year.

A decorative flourish made with smears.