A Best-In-Class Digital Experience

A restaurant’s website is a valuable tool to inform guests, increase foot traffic, enrich the brand’s story, and make a great impression. We combined best practices with innovative design thinking to created a digital experience that sets the standard for the polished casual restaurant industry and beyond.

Scope of Work

Before pushing a single pixel, we conducted preliminary research to better understand our audience and how they were using both Uncle Julio’s site and the sites of their competitors. Building on these rich insights, we were able to streamline content and navigation to create a site that’s optimized for the actual needs and behaviors of the end-user. And, using hand-drawn textural design elements, the site now looks and feels handcrafted while matching the rustic-modern aesthetic of Uncle Julio’s dining rooms.

Tomato illustration.


Uncle Julios


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • UX Strategy
  • Copywriting

First, some stats since we launched the redesign:

  • 39%

    Increase in site speed

  • 42%

    Increase in menu Views

  • 32%

    Increase in group dining bookings

  • 54%

    Increase in online gift card sales

  • 127%

    Increase visits across all location pages

  • 23%

    Increase in session duration

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Landing page of the old site.

An Audit of Their Existing Site

We conducted a full audit of their existing site and identified inconsistencies, friction in the user experience, and repetitive content.

Row of pages from the old site.
  • Outdated Styling

  • Cumbersome UX

  • Info Redundancies

Matching The Brand To Their Audience

Our research revealed Uncle Julio's audience includes a segment that we’ve defined as "luxury lite." To reach these more affluent consumers who appreciate elevated experiences, we needed to overhaul their website’s styling to utilize a more premium look and feel.

Profile write ups for customer profiles.
Acocado illustration
A sketch the planned sitemap.

Site Mapping

Building on our research, we mapped out the most important pages of the site and tailored the menu so that it’s intuitive and simple for visitors to find what they’re really looking for.

Style Guide

To elevate Uncle Julio's brand, we designed a style guide with extensible elements that could be used both in the site's redesign and serve their ever-expanding locations and innovative new dishes.

Style guide showing the brand colors. Style guide mission statement - Fanatically delivering from scratch mexican memories. Style guide showing type treatment options. Style guide showing consistent styling in photography.

Designing with
Mobile in Mind

  • Screenshot of the landing page on mobile.
  • Screenshot of the video banner.
  • Screenshot of the landing page on mobile.

Since 75% of Uncle Julio’s traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, it was imperative that we focused every detail toward the mobile user. From site speed to navigation, we made sure we delievered content in a fast and memorable way without sacrificing the overall experience.

  • Screenshot of a location page on mobile.
  • Screenshot of the menu on mobile.
  • Screenshot of the rewards page on mobile.

Seamless Customization

Today's digital audience expects content that is tailored to their personal experience. We built a fully adminable backend so that each user can receive custom messaging based on their location, favorite restaurant, day of the week, time of day, and much more.

Pepper illustration from branding. Pepper illustration from branding. Screenshot that highlights area of the page that can be customized.
Screenshot of a locations page.

Your Favorite Location

All 36 of Uncle Julio's restaurants have their own location page with relevant information easily accessible. And the site will remember the last location a user visited, so the menu, directions, and store hours will easily be available for their next visit.

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