Delivering Bold Thinking

Everyone loves a good burrito. But what about a bada** burrito that dares to be different? That speaks your language, blasts the same beats, and is crafted with more flavorful ingredients? Now we're talking, fam.

Scope of Work

We partnered with Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Group to build Savage Burrito from scratch. From its name and positioning to look, feel, and launch, we ensured that this bold new brand would grab serious attention and engagement from Gen Z and Millennial audiences.


Savage Burrito


  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Strategy & Content
  • Launch Plan and Marketing Support

Brand Positioning & Naming

First, we conducted extensive market research to better understand the values of Gen Z and millennials. Individuality and authenticity kept surfacing, pushing our positioning and name brainstorming toward embracing the freedom that comes from being bold. The name "Savage" emerged because the popular Gen Z slang term embodied the audacious spirit that the brand was beginning to adopt. The personified brand was becoming passionate, relentlessly real, and fiercely confident.

Savage Burrito brand pitch deck.

Logo Exploration

From bold typography to handrown elements and iconic characters, we explored a wide range of logos that would stand out from the crowd on UberEats and Doordash. Then, we tested our favorites in a survey to see which resonated the best with our audience.

Working file of early logo iterations.
Final logo for Savage Burrito.
Logo Final
Savage Burrito branding colors and logo use gif.

How we look, How we sound, How we act.

We captured the essence of the brand in a comprehensive guideline that spells out exactly what Savage Burrito stands for and how to convey their unique style in everything they do.

Savage Burrito brand guidelines.
Brand voice and tone guideline slide. Brand type guideline slide. Brand belief guideline slide. Brand team tone guideline slide. Brand color guideline slide.
Savage Burrito landing page.


Here, it was important to develop the brand and help visitors get to know Savage Burrito a bit better. And ultimately, validate their decision to order. One unique feature to note: after 7 pm the website goes into "Dark Mode" mirroring a design component that digital natives have grown accustomed to on their smartphones.

Savage Burrito about page.
Savage Burrito menu page.
Savage Burrito team shoot still.

Oh, Shoot

We wanted to make sure that the Savage lifestyle was just as appealing as the food itself. We paired bold food photography with vibrant "in the wild" shots that felt energetic and authentic.

Product shot of Savage Burrito bowl. Savage team enjoying a burrito. Savage team enjoying a burriot bowl. Product shot of Savage Burrito burrito.


It's common to pore over what a brand looks and feels like. But it's also important to consider what it sounds like. We created a Spotify playlist that matches Savage Burrito's vibe and creates a sonic palette for future integrations with Tik Tok and other audio branding opportunities.

The Savage Burrito Vibe Spotify playlist.