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Re-Launching a Challenger

After 15 years as a PC-only graphics suite, CorelDRAW was set to re-launch on Mac and needed a partner to help them challenge the vertical’s 800-pound gorilla. We developed a launch campaign that dared creatives to think beyond the cloud and explore the possibilities unlocked by truly Mac-first software.

Scope of Work

Our launch concept positioned CorelDRAW’s 2019 Graphics Suite as an intuitive toolbox built to deliver a seamless workflow for Mac creators. We used familiar Mac graphical elements and simple typography to make the exciting announcement that Mac designers are no longer constrained by limited choice in software. In addition to developing master creative, we delivered digital assets, campaign guidelines, and a video that inspires designers to unleash their creativity.




  • Concept Development
  • Media Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Copywriting


After an agency-wide kickoff, we split up into smaller brainstorming teams to begin ideating launch campaign concepts. Each team explored unique ideas before we converged as an agency to identify common threads and ideas that could move the needle.

Exploratory Design

To help CorelDRAW visualize how each concept could come to life, each pitched campaign included a visual exploration that combined mood imagery with CorelDRAW user artwork and custom creative from our designers.

Select images from pitch deck and corelDraw vector art.

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Master Creative

Of the pitched concepts, the client was most excited by the concept that gave their audience a window into the world of real CorelDRAW artists. A Mac monitor sits on a solid background, with real user artwork exploding off the screen to show the limitless creativity and productivity unlocked by the Mac-first software.

Digital Assets

To fuel sales at launch, we created engaging digital assets promoting a free trial that drove traffic to a product landing page.

Digital banner advertising CorelDraw on Mac - shows girl kneeling at beach. Digital banner advertising CorelDraw on Mac - shows bird perched on a branch. Digital banner advertising CorelDraw on Mac - shows man standing on a boat.
Preview of the guidelines on how to use assets in campaign.

Campaign Guidelines

We created extensible campaign guidelines to ensure that all launch assets were consistent with master creative and remained on-brand.


Storyboard frames 10 through 13 for video ad.
Storyboard frames 14 through 16 for video ad.


A launch video was developed to demonstrate product features and provide viewers a sense of what it’s like to create in an environment built from the ground up for Mac-users.