The Power To Strengthen RESPONSE

Response Marketing. The Power To Provoke.

This September marks Response Marketing’s 10-year anniversary.  We’ve accomplished so many things in the past decade, but what we’ve done in just the last few months to build the RESPONSE brand is nothing short of remarkable.

New Creative Director

We had the good fortune of hiring Terry Lush as our new Creative Director.  Terry, as a freelancer, was instrumental in creating the Response brand in the agency’s formative years.   Then he was lured away by one of our local competitors and despite our secret pining for him and his amazing motion work he remained just out of our reach.  Until one day, we got the courage to ask him yet again if he was ready to make the move and help take RESPONSE to new heights.   Like with all good proposals we were holding our breath for him to say “YES” and when he did there was a collective sigh of relief, immediately followed by elation and celebration.  To learn more about the amazingly talented Terry Lush, check out his bio here:!us/!terry

New Website

No sooner did Terry arrive did we start re-shaping our brand and our website.  Since the last version of our site was launched in August, 2011 we were able to re-use a lot of the meat and bones of it, but make it more contemporary and appealing to the types of clients we are trying to attract (i.e. mid to large companies in Technology, Durable Goods, Food/Beverage, Healthcare, Education, and Entertainment).  This project was like a typical client project with high expectations and tight deadlines… and our creative and development team totally delivered.  Our site ROCKS.  It gives visitors a solid sense of who we are, what we are like to work with, and what we can accomplish with our fabulous clients.  Now we are on to planning the next version of it.  In the meantime, check us out:

 New Videos

With our new creative director and new website comes two new RESPONSE videos.

The RESPONSE overview video gave me chills when I first saw it.  Why?  Because it has the power to provoke an emotional response.  When I put my feet into my old shoes as a Marketing Manager on the client side, this type of work would make me want the team that built it to be on my side.   Check it out at and let us know what emotion you feel from it.

Our new demo reel is an updated compilation of primarily video work that we’ve completed.  It is equal parts upbeat, smart and edgy.  Judge for yourself at

Special shout out to David, Terry, Reed, Michael, and Corey for their hard work and dedication to making RESPONSE look like and sound like us!