My Summer Internship At Response

Man, how fast 6 weeks went by here at Response. I can still remember the first day of my internship because of how fun and thrilling it was to pack up dozens of packages filled with crafting goodies to ship to celebs and influencers so they could try the products out. I can still see marks on my fingers from folding up cardboard boxes for hours on end! But hey, an intern has gotta start somewhere.

Jack Mindek Response Intern 2017

As the weeks progressed, I began to learn more about the field I would like to pursue, which is more on the creative side of marketing. Plus, I became closer with the whole Response team, through after-hour dart games and Bagel Bite lunch breaks.

I met most of the team before when I was younger and would visit the office or come in for a couple days in the summer when Carolyn needed some help on little projects here and there.  Ever since the first time I came to Response, I was always felt welcome by the friendly members of the Response team. I also enjoyed the relaxed and easygoing environment around the office. Over the last 6 weeks, my working relationships and friendships grew stronger with both the old and new team members.

I am thankful that I was able to sit in on and participate in several brainstorming meetings, in which we were tasked with coming up with innovative campaign ideas.  I worked on finding data to back up how we can help these companies and brands improve their image and capitalize on certain aspects of their offering/products that would improve their performance. I was able to learn how ideas originate, how the agency turns ideas into concepts, and how they communicate their concepts in such a way that everyone can understand.

Jack Mindek Internship 2017 AMy favorite part about the whole internship, aside from learning about video SEO and optimizing Response’s YouTube channel plus all their videos, was when my desk got moved into the tech room and I was able to become closer friends and co-workers with the tech guys. From stories about past college experiences to me missing a whole part of a story and sounding like a goof when I tried to make sense of it. We all laughed together and turned every stupid moment into a funny moment. Everyone who I wrote about knows who they are. I hope they remember me as much as I will remember them. Hopefully I can come back to Response for another internship, or maybe even become a full time member of this awesome team after I graduate. Thank you again Response Team for a great internship!  – Jack Mindek, 2017 (UCONN class of 2021)