2002 – 2017. Response Turns 15.


Oh how time flies. It’s been an incredible journey since the inception of Response and we’re extremely excited about how far we’ve come. We’ve had the honor of doing amazing work for even more amazing clients. To everyone who has had even the slightest influence on us, we thank you for helping Response become the agency it is today.

In honor of 15 years, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back to remember what life was like in 2002. So, here it goes:

We were flocking to the movies to see September’s smash hit, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

Response Marketing Turns 15 A look back Sweet Home Alabama
…She went back to him in the end, huh? Didn’t see that one coming.

We were all entranced by super couple Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

Response Marketing Turns 15 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson
Ok, so ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’ didn’t air until 2003. We just couldn’t help ourselves. This moment was too good.

We took every chance we could to make a new Celebrity Couple Name, like Bennifer

Response Marketing Turns 15 A Look Back at Bennifer
Kimye, Zanessa, Brady-Bundch…this is one trend we hope never goes away.

We were all upset over the split of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

Although no one was upset that this fashion trend never caught on.

We were listening to ‘How You Remind Me’ by Nickelback on repeat

Seriously? We get the joke but people had to be listening to this because they liked it.

We were amazed by the ground-breaking Lego music video

They just don’t make music videos like they used to.

Apple ditched the spinning wheel on the second-generation iPod

This device had a whopping 20GB of storage. That’s like 4,000 songs!

We couldn’t get enough of how crazy ‘The Osbourne’s’ were

We can’t tell you what was happening in this scene, but we can pretty much guarantee someone was swearing.

We worked on our social skills by playing ‘The Sims’

Maybe Bianca shouldn’t have spent the whole party flirting with Eric. Especially when Ellen was nice enough to invite her.

Facebook wasn’t even a thing yet and we were all friends with Tom on Myspace

“Seriously, why is Meaghyn in your top 8?” Miss it? Neither do we.

We were glued to the TV every time a new episode of CSI was on

Nope. Not Miami or NY. We’re talking the LVPD.

The cost of a Super Bowl ad was $1.9MM

Compared to an average of $5MM in 2017.

People were walking around saying, “My Precious…”

Ok, fine. We definitely said that like 3 days ago but it was relevant to the conversation! Ugh. It wasn’t…

And that’s it. A little look back at what life was like in the day Response was founded. And boy how far we’ve come. If you’d like to be part of what shapes our next 15 years, reach out.