Our values as an organization are curiosity, bravery, and caring. And we can’t live up to those values without a commitment to being an inclusive organization. It’s why we set out to formalize our team education and practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through the American Association of Advertising Agencies, we participated and completed The Workplace Enlightenment program, which is designed to ensure that our agency has the highest standards It focused on these topics:

What we learned:

  • How to recognize and respond to the impact of privilege in your workplace
  • How to recognize and remove barriers to inclusion
  • How to proactively increase opportunities for diverse perspectives and participation across the agency
  • How to plan for, communicate, and commit to agency-wide action
  • How to measure and track progress toward key benchmarks

We believe it has made us more understanding, more empathetic, and also, better at our jobs. Our commitment hasn’t ended with our certification. As a team, we regularly get together to share in experiences around the topics and discuss them as a team. We always learn something new and enjoy hearing each others different perspectives on the topics.


In March of 2020, we all went home thinking we’d be back in our offices in weeks or months not years. What we learned from being 100% remote is that we could do it.  The things we thought were going to be issues really weren’t… like collaborating virtually.  And the things we thought wouldn’t be issues were… like mental health and just connecting with each other personally.  So, mid 2022, we decided to get a small space for us to connect, collaborate, work and play in.  Say hello to the Response Clubhouse.

It’s located at 85 Willow Street in the Marlinworks Loft Offices in New Haven, an industrial building campus that is home to modern technology, design and creative tenants.  With these kinds of neighbors, not to mention a brewery around the corner, it’s no wonder we feel right at home here.


NEW. Eddie Mensah, Designer (Joined on 9/1/21)

Born and raised in New York, Eddie’s an aficionado of high fashion, street art, and sunset strolls on the beach. You might say he’s cut from a different cloth. But we mean that literally, he cuts and sews his own clothes. Ever since he first put pen to paper illustrating anime, Eddie’s been a passionate creative that finds inspiration everywhere.

Eddie graduated from the University of Bridgeport’s Shintaro Akatsu School of Design. Before joining us, he designed collateral, managed social media, and maintained the website of the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery.

NEWER. Cat Eager, Senior Designer (Joined on 9/7/21)

Straight outta Prague, Catherine — you can call her Cat — has been abroad for the last four years. Back stateside, and with her lifelong dream of living in Europe realized, Cat has settled down (for now) with her adorable pup Willow. When she’s not perfecting pixels, you can find Cat hiking or hunting for fresh powder on her snowboard.

Before joining us, Cat worked with a fast-growing PR company on their in-house creative team, as a Design Group Lead at a career networking platform, and as the Lead Visual Designer for an e-learning platform.

ALSO NEWER, Hannah Coutu, Account Executive (Joined on 9/7/21)

Hannah has two college degrees from Johnson & Wales. One in Marketing & Advertising. The other? Cupcakes. A skilled pastry chef, Hannah’s other loves include travel (she’s backpacked through Europe), enjoying nature with her puppy Murphy, and sampling hoppy IPAs at a local craft brewery.

Before joining the team, Hannah cut her chops as a social media manager and agency account pro. Industries she’s worked with include healthcare, non-profits, finance, and defense.

NEWEST. Luke Dent, Art Director (Joined on 8/2/22)

Luke was born in Southern California, but it wasn’t until his family moved to Massachusetts at the age of 12 where his creative journey really began. He started playing guitar, piano and playing in bands and would set out on his first nationwide tour at the age of 20. After about 8 years on the road, he started to shift gears to another passion, videography.

Luke brings 15+ years of experience in the media industry, ranging from video editing, sound design, color grading, motion design and art directing. Luke moved to Connecticut in the middle of the pandemic, and quickly fell in love with all of the charm it holds (and of course the pizza).


The Problem

The pandemic abruptly forced work from cubicles and conference rooms to kitchen tables and spare bedrooms.  How do we help people optimize the spaces they’re now working in?

The Solution

We inspire people to see the potential in their home workspaces, creating their “happy space.”

Check out our work page to dig deeper and learn more.