Listen Up: Finding the Balance Between Performance Marketing and Brand Building

I feel likeĀ Steve Gilman and I share so much in common– from leading small but mighty agencies to music and culture. Recently, we had a chance to connect and have a great conversation about our thoughts around branding and marketing on his podcast, “Brand Story.” Listen to the podcast here.

Or scroll down for the summary. Enjoy!

In a recent podcast episode, Carolyn Walker, CEO of Response Marketing, engaged in an insightful conversation with host Steve Gilman, shedding light on the dynamic world of marketing strategies, brand longevity, and the changing landscape of agency-client relationships.

Carolyn shared key insights highlighting the unique aspects of independent agencies and the lasting relationships they forge with clients, deviating from the typical turnover seen in larger agencies. Through her agency’s two-pronged approach of brand consulting and creative services, Walker stressed the importance of fostering intimate, enduring connections with clients, an aspect often overlooked in larger agency structures.

She emphasized her agency’s mission of aiding ambitious brands in surpassing the status quo, encouraging them to embrace creativity and disruption. Walker discussed their innovative approach in creating the “Hackable?” podcast for McAfee, leveraging the power of storytelling and the intimacy of audio content to engage audiences in cybersecurity, driving conversation and awareness in a unique, non-sales-driven manner.

Additionally, the discussion delved into the fundamental distinction between brand building and performance marketing, highlighting the misalignment in budget distribution between the two. Walker advocated for a more balanced investment in brand-building, emphasizing its long-term impact on customer loyalty and enterprise value, citing examples like Liquid Death’s branding success.

The conversation extended beyond marketing strategies, touching on leadership qualities and personal growth. Carolyn emphasized the significance of empathy, collaborative spirit, and continuous learning, describing her current phase as that of a ‘sponge,’ absorbing insights and applying them to the agency’s projects and initiatives.

The podcast highlighted the critical need for a balanced approach to marketing, a deeper understanding of brand perception, and the significant role of fostering enduring relationships, resonating deeply with marketing professionals seeking innovative strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of brand consultancy and creative services.

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